1. Identify harshness and nature to potential of young people with mental in born
disabilities and develop their cognitive and giving them the theoretical sessions
literacy and numeracy.
2. Make conscious effort for providing a platform where special children would
develop their physical capacities through physical education and dramatic
3. Initiate a forum for family with the mentally handicapped to meet and share their
experience ideas and learn to live a comfortable life with their children by
coming up with home grown solutions to their problems.
4. Develop social skills by importing family values corresponding to the respective
cultural dynamics by instilling disciplinary tools and also by providing income-
generating skills in handwork to enable them to be self independent in future.



1.    To provide people with quality learning and teaching environment that is secure
and innovating to the learner and the teacher.
2.    To encourage self- reliance and sustainability through vocational skills training.
3.    To encourage partnership between parents; teacher and pupils for shared
responsibility in the learning process.
4.    to create awareness of handicapped in society, prevalence incidences, intervention
and possible causes in order to reduce the cultural stigma attached to it.
5.    To provide guidance and counseling to the traumatized, parents, siblings and
relatives due to the presence of the handicapped persons in families.
6.    Networking with organizations and institution e.g. NGO; colleges, churches,
hospital, clubs , parents, associations and ministry of education e.t.c. for
furthering the education of the mentally challenged person.
7.    To make regular children to socialize with special needs children by
understanding and accepting them.



St. Peter's The Rock Junior School with Intergrated program started the 3rd January 2005. It is situated on the North Coast of Mombasa around …

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